Flyover sequence of the village with the Ghost of Past

Flyover sequence of London with the Ghost of Present
A CHRISTMAS CAROL - at Image Movers Digital

This is a special project to me because I started as a Production Assistant in the Art Department. Through
out this project I continued working as a PA but was given opportunities to do more. I ended up doing
coordinator duties for a new Matte Department headed by Chris Stoski and Brian Flora. While still doing
my production duties Chris and Brian gave me chances to contribute artistically. So I was able to do
Matte Painting, as well as modeling and also help create layout and camera setups for the Digimatte
Matte Painting flyover shot of London in the beginning of film
In this flyover I helped layout the sequence for the Matte Pipeline as well as transfer assets and cameras
from the Production pipeline to the Matte Pipeline. I modeled the St. Paul's Cathedral that the shot camera
flies around as well as other parts of the buildings shown in this shot.  
I modeled additions to this school building like the frieze above the doorway and the windows, and to the
walls surrounding it. These models were used in the Matte Pipeline to create the matte painting for this

Final shot of the movie
Here I worked with the primary matte painter to create elements in the windows to make them festive and
warm. I also helped paint the garlands on and around the windows.
This was one of the big flyover shots that showcased London. It was a very complex and long shot that
lasted well over a few minutes without any cuts. It, as well as all the other flyover shots, was also created
entirely within the Matte Department  Pipeline. My contribution for this was to help layout the set as  
well as model and texture several assets for the Matte pipeline. Specifically I modeled and textured the
storefront signs (the signs are named after the artists in the Art Department ex. Doug's Toys), the
buildings on the banks of the Thames river, the London bridge and the St. Paul Cathedral.
CG Generalist / Matte Painter / Environment Artist