Long fight sequence at the beginning of the movie
AVENGERS -Age of Ultron - at ILM/Disney

On this show I got a chance to create a few key establishing shots as well as help out on a really amazing
long shot at the beginning of the movie.
Establishing shot of the Avengers Tower
This was the long iconic shot at the beginning of the movie. Here I helped out by adding a few matte
elements like the bush and some ground patches in the first image and the background hills and mid
ground detail in the second image.
Here I was tasked with building the city and sky around the Avengers tower. As well as lookdev and
render the tower for this shot.
CG Generalist / Matte Painter / Environment Artist
Ironman flyover to the resque
In this shot I worked on the sky, the rising crumbling city, and the background mountains.