Rolling the plane as it dives to ground shot 2 of 2
FLIGHT - at Atomic Fiction

On this show Atomic Fiction was hired to do all the VFX shots for it. There were only two Digimatte
artists: Annemieke Loomis Hutchins and me. We were under the supervision of the Art Director and
senior Digimatte Artist Chris Stoski. My responsibilities ranged from doing full matte painting to doing
some small additions on existing paintings to doing paint fixes on plate elements. I also did some
compositing in Nuke, created and animated cameras for some shots, as well as modeled and textured
Rolling the plane as it dives to ground shot 1 of 2
This was one of the shots where none of the available plates shot of the ground by helicopter fit. So it was left to me to figure out how
to do a matte painting of the ground, project it and then animate it to match the foreground plate of the plane's cockpit.
Using the location where the aerial plates were taken I used Google Earth as a base to create the right angle and elevation of the
ground. The director wanted specific elements seen in the ground, like the road and the low hanging clouds in addition to CG clouds.
After painting in those and other elements I projected the finished painting onto geometry in 3D. Then I created a camera that would
dive and roll down towards the painting at a speed and angle that a plane would do in a real situation. This camera was later adapted
and fit to the foreground plane cockpit in comp to complete the shot.
(to see the original Matte Painting please hover over the images above)
This shot was based of the previous shot but was quite a bit more complex due to the camera move that
was shot for the cockpit. Here I needed to seamlessly expand the matte painting from the previous shot so
that it covered everything seen out the cockpit side windows as the plane rolls and when as the camera
turns right to see the horizon through the front of the cockpit windows. Since the previous shot did not
have a horizon I also needed to add a specific one that would fit the shot.
(to see the original Matte Painting please hover over the images above)
CG Generalist / Matte Painter / Environment Artist

Inverted Plane flying over apartment complex shot
In this shot the sky was too blown out in the plate. In addition to that it was not the right kind of sky for
this shot. My responsibility was to paint the sky as well as some tree elements above the roof of the
apartment complex. I also created the roof and the pole of the apartment complex shown in the third
image to tie in the apartment complex to the shot as the camera swivels right when it follows the plane.
Here I used the plate of the ground to find the best frame and then to project it onto geometry. Then I
used the same camera as the one used in the CG foreground plane to render out the new background
element for the final shot.

Engine boost shot
In this shot the original plate had just a skeleton frame of the church. The church itself was modeled in
3d and later placed in the shot. My responsibility here was to paint a gravel parking lot and gravel road
leading to the church from the main road. Then I projected these MP elements in 3d and rendered them
as passes for comp to place them in the final shot.
(to see the original plate please hover over the image above)

Church shot as the plane crash lands
Here I replaced the plain sky with the Matte Painting sky seen in the final shot. I also composited the
whole shot in Nuke for final delivery. I color corrected the shot as well as tracked the new sky to the plate.
(to see the original plate sky please hover over the image above)

Hotel Atlanta Shot
This shot was halfway done when it was assigned to me. The buildings were already placed and some
were already painted and done for the final shot. My responsibility was to finish color correcting in paint
the incomplete buildings, also to add more lit windows, and to finish the sky.

City skyline outside hotel window shot
Here also the shot was almost complete. My responsibility was to replace the real Air Companies logos on
tails of the background planes with fictional ones. So I designed and painted the fictional ones. Then I  
projected them in 3D and then delivered the new tail element sequence to comp for the final shot.
(to see the original plate please hover over the image above)

Airport shot