Cinema A
MARS NEEDS MOMS - at Image Movers Digital

With this project I had an opportunity to wear many different hats. I created Matte Paintings, composited
in Nuke, modeled and UVed different assets, and animated shots and assets.
My contribution to this shot was to create additional Digimatte lamp posts as well as do some Photoshop
matte work to the far left building in the shot.
Matte Painting Forrest and Sky Shot
Here my contribution was to help design and then model the Monitor Array that Gribble uses in his hideout.
I also helped create several motion graphic elements that are seen on these monitors either using various
existing assets and then remodeling them for this purpose or creating brand new assets.
In these shots my responsibility was to create the sky matte painting that would work for a camera move
that looks up then down then turns 180 degrees to look back at the house. I also was tasked with creating
the background and mid ground forrest using a combined technique of matte painting and various tree
cards that have been applied as a particle spread over the terrain. Finally I then used Nuke to composite the
whole thing as a pre-comp to provide to the final compositor who merged other elements with the Matte
painting background.
This Martian Rifle was originally designed as one piece with a fixed sight. There was also originally
separate handgun designed by Landis Fields. I was assigned to re-design and model a hybrid gun/rifle that
has the ability to separate into a hand gun for the purpose of the story. What is shown above is the final
Martian Rifle that has been approved and used in the movie.
I used existing models of the Martian city to create an 2d slice of the whole city and then animated and
rendered the camera move using a toon wire frame shader to get a schematic look for this shot. Then a
motion graphics artist applied other treatments to get the final look. I've also modeled the little tracker
devise on Milo's shoulder
CG Generalist / Matte Painter / Environment Artist