Nike Shoe models
Miscellaneous Models

Here are a few models that I either made or assisted in creating as personal projects or for commercials.
The Corvette and Nissan cars were for the Forza 2 game intro. The Nike shoes were for a the Nike
website that was developed for the Japanese market. The U.S.S. Constitution sailing ship was a personal
Corvette and Nissan cars for Forza 2 game
These car models were done for the Forza 2 console game. My job was to model and UV the cars.
These models were for the Nike commercial. The models started out as being laser scanned from actual
shoes. My job was to remodel the shoes based off the very heavy and unusable laser scanned 3d models. I
also modeled the interior of the shoes and the tongs by looking at the actual shoes since the laser scans
could not pick up that data. I also created the UV maps and did the stitch textures for the shoes.
CG Generalist / Matte Painter / Environment Artist

USS Constitution Frigate Model
This model was my personal project that I set for myself during the last year at the Art Institute. I
wanted to model something complex that had real world schematics. I bough the "44-Gun Frigate USS
Constitution" Anatomy of the Ship book. Scanned the ship plans and modeled the ship based of them.
Later on I textured and lit the ship. I taught myself Realflow to be able to place the ship in a water
simulation and animated it sailing. You can see the animation in the Quicktime clip at the top of this
USS Constitution 44-gun frigate 3D model

Programs used: Maya, Photoshop
Reference: Book, Anatomy of the Ship
by Karl Heinz Marquardt