End Title Underwater Sequence
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters - at Atomic Fiction

For this show Atomic Fiction was assigned to assist in concept design and then to create the beginning
and end title sequences. My job was to assist in concept designing and then creating the near complete
environment for the end sequence as well as help develop the look of the main Percy title in the begining
of the movie.
For this title the actual 3d letters were already established. My task was to develop and create the various
metallic shaders and lighting passes as well as adjust some geometry to get the final look of the title.
Main Percy Title Shot at the beginning of the movie
For the end title sequence I helped concept design the various elements that make up this long shot. These
elements were the underwater light beams seen when credits pass by the camera before and after the cave
section. I also created the lighting setup and key rock formations to help sculpt the underwater feel in the
cave. To get the feel of movement through water I placed particle like geometry in the path of the camera to
get the streaking floaties effect.
CG Generalist / Matte Painter / Environment Artist