Top of Eiffel Tower

This show was a really great example of the many different kind of shots one could be tasked with. From
the top of the Eiffel Tower, to apocalyptic New York, to crumbling ice cliffs. This was a great challenge
and an opportunity to showcase some of the range of my growing skills as a generalist environment artist.
Approach to the gantry
Here I had to photo real lookdev and light the top of the split Eiffel Tower to match the rest of the shot.
CG Generalist / Matte Painter / Environment Artist

New York City Central Park flooding
This was perhaps the most complex shot for me on this show. I had to create the New York city and Central
Park as it would look in the middle of a flooding disaster. The distorted look is because this catastrophe is
viewed by the characters on a big spherical dome.

Burning Plains
The third of the three shots designed to be seen in the spherical dome by the characters. Here is a multi
layer projection matte painting
of a fire wall as it devours the vast plains unchecked.

Crumbling Ice Cliffs
The last of the spherical dome shots that I worked on. Here I was responsible for all the non moving parts of
the shot. The ice flow foreground, the ice wall, and the ice p
lains in the background.

Portal Crane Shot
In this shot my job was to animate the crane I helped model and lookdev seen in the background.
This was a long flyover shot put together with many different pieces of shot footage. My job was to create photo real matte
elements to seamlessly connect the last two pieces of footage.